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Technology for improving maintenance
operations and monitoring power systems

LESS has developed a suite of technologies for improving maintenance operations for power distribution and power generation companies for both renewable and non-renewable energy. These technologies will automate the data collection process, warn when something is wrong, and generate statistics that will help understand what decision to make for reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.
To increase operational efficiency, it's important to know the behavior of the system's components as well as to ensure that the different parts interact correctly as a whole. The ability to monitor different critical components such as power lines or power transformers will enable smoother equipment management. This is made possible through real-time sensing along with predictive analysis and integrating the data from those sensors with other information sources.
  1. Line break-down detection: Whenever the line is broken for any reason, the system will generate an alarm in real time, allowing the persons in charge to take quick action when required.
  2. Issue isolation: Since the system allows geo-reference of each device, it is easy to pinpoint exactly where the problem is taking place. This is especially important when lines are located in remote areas.

Monitoring power lines

The product consists of a swarm of sensors which are installed in the power line. These sensors monitor the line's position. As soon as a variation is detected, the event is notified to the main operation office, allowing it to detect a problem 90% faster than current solutions in the market or standard procedures.

Suitable for any kind of power lines in harsh and remote environments, CENTINELA can be fine tuned to fit line natural movement, remotely through internet after the installation.
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  • Special clamp for attaching the device to the line
  • Solar panel
  • Power-on button
  • Antenna
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format_quoteTranselec has been working since 2016 with LESS Industries in a 4.0 asset management initiative for the detection of high-voltage line theft through internet of things technologies.format_quote
Alejandro Rehbein Oroz
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Transelec S.A.
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