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What you can measure, you can improve

Continuous Measurement

We add value to your business generating information to support decision making based on the data gathered by our devices.

Real time alerts

We generate instant alerts so that you can quickly respond to events that require your attention.

Trend Analysis

Histories, trends, and statistical analysis of the available information based on the needs of each business.

API Integration

Integrate your services flexibly and securely with third-party systems.

Get to know our products

LESS offers a suite of solutions that use IoT technologies to improve profitability of agricultural and industrial processes through smart monitoring. Our products save water in irrigation, monitor conditions during shipping, and reduce the cost of grain storage through early detection of spoilage, among many other applications.

The solution consists of a network of devices that perform sensing of relevant conditions and send the data to the cloud application for visualization, analysis and decision making. The cloud application is accessible from any computer or smart phone and also provides an Open API for integration with external systems and driving automatic actions. LESS devices out of the box support all the important IoT communications protocols including LoRa, GSM, and Wi-Fi.

LESS products

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Platform: LESS Dashboard

LESS plataform dashboard
  • Access your information securely.
  • API for integration with other services.
  • Configurable alerts for every variable.
  • Alerts dispatched by mail or SMS.


Agriculture and livestock

Smart cities

Smart cities

Industrial Uses

Transport and logistics

Oil and gas


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