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Technology for improving farming
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LESS has developed a suite of technologies that enables a better understanding of the environment helping farmers, agronomists, and ecologists.

Automate the data collection process, generate alarms when something is not going as expected, create a baseline for different actions to take, save time, and improve the quality of the crops are just some of the advantages of LESS product lines for agriculture and environmental protection.
The LESS farming ecosystem integrates multiple sensors that, combined with each other and different algorithms, enable comprehensive solutions for applications such as stored grain condition sensing, water management in both intensive and extensive cultivation, and weather monitoring.
  1. Silo bag monitoring: It allows grain producers or middle men to monitor the condition of the grain stored in outdoor grain silos.
  2. Pivot monitoring: It helps pivot owners to know their pivot performance, measuring water flow and water pressure.
  3. Water level monitoring: It is ideal for monitoring water reservoirs for cattle or rice plantations. It triggers an alarm if the water is running low or there is an oversupply.
  4. Weather station: It is a maintenance free weather station ideal for understanding the climate in your land.
  5. Soil moisture monitoring tool: It helps farmers to know if their crops require more water.

Silo bag monitoring

This solution allows grain producers or middlemen to monitor the condition of the grain stored in outdoor grain silos using an algorithm that combines the measurement of CO2, temperature and humidity to identify the presence of biological processes that may lead to grain spoilage. The device is installed inside the grain bag since it does not require a battery change during the entire season.
silo bag
  • CO2 measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Grain moisture measurement
  • Rechargeable battery
photo quote Andrés
format_quoteI have been working together with LESS since 2017 in the manufacture and distribution of a product for monitoring silo bags. We find in LESS a partner for the realization of a last generation product capable of changing the way of storing grains.format_quote
Andrés Travacio
Partner of LESS
photo silo bag Sebastián

Hydric management, weather and soil monitoring

This solution allows farmers to get more insights about the field, from soil condition to weather information. It also adds telemetry for pivots which helps them understand the overall pivot performance.
  • External antenna
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Solar panel input
  • Multiple sensors input
format_quoteThe Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) is proud to count LESS Industries as one of our valued natural resource management partners. LESS's professional, collaborative approach and focus on practical solutions have proved invaluable in a range of agricultural and environmental monitoring projects. Their products and associated technologies are world-class and backed by dedicated support services. We look forward to continuing working with the LESS team on developing and promoting the application of intelligent sensing to managing our precious natural resources.format_quote
Sheila Charlesworth
Chief Executive Officer BMRG
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