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In the dynamic environment of today's cities, it is more important than ever to monitor all the relevant variables in order to be able to predict incidents and increase efficiency of municipal services. LESS provides a set of solutions that together bring the ability to have all systems function in a seamless and coordinated manner.
In order to really deserve the label smart, a city needs to be aware of all the critical processes and systems that make it tick. This means continuously monitoring key variables of a modern municipality such as water source behavior, energy generation, power distribution system status, among others. LESS offers a set of solutions that provide a deep understanding of the overall situation.
  1. Monitoring water level to detect and prevent flooding.
  2. Predictive maintenance in industrial processes.
  3. Indoor / outdoor real time location and tracking.
  4. Asset status and maintenance prediction.

Water leak sensor

This product helps building managers and building's owners to protect their properties. 80% of the maintenance problems in a building are due to water leaks. With this water leak sensor you can detect any pipe problem, flooding event, and water leak in real time. It can be a key tool for data centers, especially those placed in the basements.
water level
  • Built-in battery
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Waterproof power-on button
  • Water leak cable detector
water leak
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