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Telemetry of integral logistics processes for
distribution and supply chain management

LESS is continuously exploring ways to make logistics more efficient. Our products allow the user to know where the goods are located as well as their condition: from grain monitoring in ships to sugar cane transportation by trucks. Technology is about to change the limits of the possible in supply chain applications.
Logistics and traceability of food and goods are about to undergo a major transformation since the world's needs are changing. At LESS, we use new technologies to help monitor and trace key points of the supply chain, aiming to increase awareness and transparency of the whole process.
  1. Monitoring river levels for facilitating port infrastructure operation.
  2. Measuring critical variables of goods in transit, thus making logistics more traceable end to end.
  3. Tracking goods across the supply chain to know where they are located at each moment.
  4. Keep tracking of key assets in facilities as well as in the field.

Water level measurement in real time

This solution was designed with the aim of helping port operators obtain real-time information on the dynamics of tides. This information, combined with specific algorithms and historical data, will enable better handling of entry and exit for ships of any size, as well as provide an estimate of when dredge tasks are required.
water level
  • External solar panel
  • Built-in battery
  • Multiple internet connectivity
  • Ultrasonic water level sensor
format_quoteThe port of Gdansk has been working with LESS Industries since the beginning of 2019 in a pilot for validating a system for measuring the average of level of the river in real time, through internet of things technologies.format_quote
Wiktor Szypiłow
EU Project Settlement Specialist
Zarząd Morskiego Portu Gdańsk SA

Tracking bins

This solution was created to address the lack of traceability of sugarcane bins when transported by trucks. The device is installed on each truck and is able to trace the GPS position along with the IDs of the carried bins in real time, so the user can be aware of the bins position at any time. The same solution has multiple applications in logistics since it is flexible and easy to adapt.
tracking bins
  • External RFID antenna
  • External GPS antenna
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Multiple power supply inputs

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